Stephen Carasia Obituary, Deal New Jersey, Retired Chief of Police and Administrator Has Died

Stephen Carasia Obituary, Death – It is with profound sorrow that we must inform you of the unexpected demise of Stephen Carasia, who most recently served as the Chief of Police and was currently serving as the Borough Administrator. Stephen has spent his whole life working for the Borough of Deal and is considered an indispensable member of our society.

He began his career in law enforcement in 1988 as a police officer and ascended through the ranks to become Chief of Police before retiring in 2013. Stephen was also an active member of the Deal First Aid Squad in addition to being a lifetime member of the Deal Fire Department, where he held the position of Chief of the Department on two separate occasions.

Stephen was appointed as the Borough Administrator not long after he retired from the Police Department. He has been a dedicated employee in this role for the past 10 years and has never missed a day of work in that time. Please keep his family, friends, and coworkers in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Stephen Carasia demonstrated honesty, compassion, and an unrelenting dedication to public service throughout his remarkable career. He devoted decades of his life to protecting the neighborhood and upholding the law, garnering the admiration and respect of his peers and neighborhood inhabitants.

The Deal Police Department prospered under his direction, creating cutting-edge strategies for crime reduction and community involvement. As a result of Carasia’s leadership style, officers were encouraged to actively engage with the community and develop lasting relationships.

In addition to his work in law enforcement, Carasia was a respected administrator who helped Deal expand and advance. His foresight and calculated planning played a crucial role in shaping the town’s infrastructure and raising the standard of living for its citizens.

The people Stephen Carasia served will always remember him and carry on his legacy. All who had the honor of knowing him and working with him will cherish his memory for his unwavering commitment to making Deal a safer and more prosperous place.

The neighborhood comes together to send his family and loved ones its sincere sympathies during this difficult time. They should take comfort in the fact that Stephen made enormous contributions that will never be forgotten and that his spirit will always serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for those who work to safeguard and uphold the community he so deeply cherished. Sacred rest to you, Chief Carasia.

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