Thelma Gooding Obituary, Woman Killed In Weekend Kinston House Fire Was Identified

Thelma Gooding Obituary, Death – A somber cloud of tragedy loomed over the tight-knit community of Kinston this weekend as they mourned the loss of one of their own, Thelma Gooding. The 73-year-old woman tragically perished in a devastating house fire that consumed her beloved Clifton Terrace home on Saturday.

The heroic efforts of Kinston firefighters were unable to save Gooding, as they battled the raging inferno that engulfed her residence. It was during their valiant efforts to combat the flames that they discovered her lifeless body in her bedroom. The cause of her untimely demise was determined to be smoke inhalation, a stark reminder of the swift and merciless nature of house fires.

The investigation into the origin of the fire revealed a harrowing detail. The blaze was ignited by an overloaded drop cord within the main bedroom, a seemingly innocuous household item turned deadly in an instant. Such accidents serve as a chilling reminder of the importance of electrical safety in our homes.

Compounding the tragedy was the absence of working smoke detectors when firefighters arrived at the scene. While detectors were indeed present inside the home, it remains uncertain whether they were functional or not. This tragic incident underscores the critical role that smoke detectors play in providing early warning signals during house fires, potentially saving lives by allowing for a swift evacuation.

Thelma Gooding, known for her independent spirit, lived alone in her cherished home. Her sudden and tragic passing has left the community in deep sorrow, struggling to come to terms with the loss of a beloved neighbor and friend. As the community rallies

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