Tow Members of Missionvale Care Centre, Marie Antwerp And Marolien Schmidt Has Died

Marie Antwerp And Marolien Schmidt Obituary, Death – This past week, our family at the Missionvale Care Centre said our goodbyes to two extraordinary women who had been an important part of our community for a good portion of their lives. Marie, originally from Antwerp, was without a doubt the most vibrant and lovely person any of us have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was not only a good friend to Sr. Ethel, but also our most ardent supporter and cheerleader.

She was incredibly talented in the art of clothing design, and she designed and sewed all of the garments that were worn by our choir with a great deal of enthusiasm and affection. She made a habit of handing over to us lovely scraps of fabric that she had saved from the countless evening gowns that she had sewed so that we could put them to use in our sewing room. We will miss your encouraging messages and your charming gypsy spirit so very much…

May you rest in peace, sweet Marie. The writer is a woman named Marolien Schmidt. taken with such violence…there are no words to describe how we feel. Marolien provided nothing less than her absolute best effort in whatever she did, including volunteering her services as a physiotherapist at our Medical Centre. She did this just as she did with everything else in her life. We will never forget whatever it was that you done in these parts because we will always remember it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, each and every one of the patients who benefited from the great therapy that you offered will invariably think of you with warmth and gratitude throughout the rest of their lives. I pray that angels will comfort all of those who are grieving this incomprehensible loss, including you. May they surround you and offer you with serenity. We do not forget to keep your family members in our thoughts and prayers at any time.

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