Vale Dimitrijevic Obituary, Member Of Williamstown Soccer Club Has Sadly Passed Away

Vale Dimitrijevic Obituary Death – Vale The name is Vlado Dimitrijevic.
The tragic news of the untimely departure of club stalwart Vlado Dimitrijevic comes as a complete and utter shock and blow to everyone who knew and loved him. A key pillar of our club and an ever present at JT Gray throughout our whole 42 years of existence, including just this past weekend as he stood amongst family and lifetime friends supporting our senior men’s squad as staunchly as he has always done in the past.

J.T Gray has been home to our club for the past 42 years. Vlado, who was a master carpenter by trade and a successful constructor, was never bashful and was always prepared to put his hand up and provide assistance to the club as well as everyone he knew in any capacity that he could. He put his expert skills to use on countless occasions around the club over the past four decades, constructing and repairing the old, run-down portable facilities, making significant improvements, and bringing them to life.

These accomplishments played a significant role in helping to foster the warm and welcoming community atmosphere that our members have become accustomed to experiencing off the field. Vlado’s fervor, dedication, faithfulness, and immense goodwill have been a driving force in the creation of our club’s modern-day community and family values, as well as making him a much loved and respected figure amongst all WSC members and the wider local football and building community. In addition, he has been a driving factor in the development of our club’s modern-day community and family values.

The majority of the current players have fond memories of the delectable home-cooked dinners that he and his lovely wife Mary prepared every Thursday night after practice or during the Saturday afternoon senior home games. An act of generosity that he had been performing for over ten years, he finally hung up the apron at the conclusion of the previous year.
Because he possesses a moral compass that is much beyond that of any average man, Vlado leaves behind a legacy that will endure in what the Williamstown Soccer Club has become in the contemporary day.

The eldest son Aleks became club captain and one of the most decorated players in our club’s history, while the second eldest son Filip is a major character and the current assistant coach of our senior men’s team. Raising five lovely children, all of whom grew up playing at the club. During this extremely trying time, we would like to convey our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Mary, Aleks, Filip, Natasha, Stefan, and Nikolas, as well as the extended Dimitrijevic family and all of their relatives. This message is sent on behalf of the whole WSC community. The club shares your collective sense of loss. Put some effort into it. The death and burial of Vlado Zauvek will take place in Funeral arrangements will be communicated in due

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