Warren Lacy Obituary, Warren Lacy Has Died

Warren Lacy Obituary, Death- I am writing to advise you all of the demise of Warren H. “Joe” Lacy, who was a member of our committee for many years and was a close friend to many people.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you of his passing. On Monday, August 7, 2023, Warren departed in a quiet and calm manner. We shall always remember him as a compassionate, kind, and caring Democrat with a fiery political passion.

We shall remember him fondly as someone who made an indelible mark on our lives and who will be sorely missed. Those of us who had the pleasure of knowing him will always remember him as a Democrat who was kind, loving, and concerned about others.

He was a mainstay at Chamberlyne Elementary School, where he worked as an Election Day poll greeter, and he did everything in his power to aid the Henrico Democrats in achieving their goals. He never missed a shift at his position. Always level-headed and composed, with a sense of humor that, while occasionally sardonic, is never wet or sarcastic.

Warren was a strong and proud man who led a decent life. He was an upstanding citizen. There are a lot of people here at the Henrico Democrats that have strong feelings for him and are going to miss having him around.

Best wishes to all the members of the Lacy family! Our most heartfelt condolences are extended to you on the loss of your beloved husband, father, grandpa, and great-grandfather. He was a remarkable man. We humbly ask that you accept our condolences. It is difficult to find the appropriate words to express the depth of our sorrow upon hearing of your loss.

Mary Reichert, a dear friend of Warren’s as well as his neighbor, has been very helpful in supplying us with up-to-date information regarding Warren. She has been a source of information for us.

Despite the fact that our hearts are shattered, we will celebrate his memory as a great democratic leader who had a long and rich life despite the fact that he has passed away. He lived a long and fruitful life.

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