William Lewis Obituary, Officer of Madisonville Police Department Has Died

William Lewis Obituary, Death – The sad news of the passing of Police Officer William “Bill” Lewis is being disseminated by the department with a great deal of sorrow and a heavy feeling in the hearts of everyone who is involved in the matter.

On July 25th, he passed away calmly inside the confines of his own home, surrounded by family and friends. Officer Lewis was a native of Madisonville, having been born there and having spent his whole childhood there. He received his diploma from Madisonville High School in 1970 and has been an active participant in the activities of the First Baptist Church in Madisonville for the entirety of his adult life. In addition to that, he served in the United States Army Intelligence Division at Fort Shafter, which can be found in the Hawaiian island of Hawaii.

Since 2007, Officer Lewis has held a full-time position with our police department, and throughout that time, he has been of service to the people who reside in his community. throughout this time, he has been giving service to the people who live in his city. During the subsequent sixteen years that he served in that job, he was a remarkable illustration of what it meant to be a member of our administrative staff. In other words, he was an amazing example.
In your thoughts and prayers, please keep the Madisonville Police Department and the officer’s friends and family, as well as the Madisonville Police Department and the officer’s friends and family.

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