Zamikhaya Kwinan Obituary, Police Officer Died While On Patrol In Nyanga Cap Town

Zamikhaya Kwinan Obituary Death  –  A memorial service was held for the two officers who had been killed. A memorial service was organized by the #SafetyandSecurity Directorate of the City of Cape Town for two Learner Law Enforcement Officers (LLEO) who were slain by gunfire in the most recent weeks. At the beginning of the violent taxi strike in Nyanga, Law Enforcement Officer Zamikhaya Kwinana was killed while on patrol, and Law Enforcement Officer Toufeek Williams was caught in gang crossfire when he was off duty.

The Mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, stated that Law Enforcement Advancement Programme officers Kwinana and Williams were taken away from their families and communities much too soon. Both officers were members of the Law Enforcement Advancement Programme. These were young men in the prime of their lives – both in their thirties, both with young families, and both with promising futures in law enforcement ahead of them,’ the narrative continues.  The first was killed in the terrible violence of a taxi strike that served no purpose, and the second was killed in the deadly crossfire of a gang battle that has terrorized communities in our city for decades.

Both of these events were completely pointless and senseless. The upholding of the rule of law is the most essential value in a democracy, and we have to make sure that we get it right in South Africa if we want to turn our nation around and lead it towards a brighter future. If we do this, we will be able to turn South Africa into a better place. It is our responsibility to demonstrate, here in Cape Town, that this is not an impossible task; that lawlessness, chaos, and the disintegration of values do not have to be South Africa’s destined course of action.

Their sacrifice will strengthen our resolve in the fight against lawlessness and disorder, and while we are all deeply saddened by the deaths of these officers, I also know that their sacrifice will strengthen our resolve.” According to Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, “We Will Not Fail Them, And We Will Not Forget About Them. We held our annual Remembrance Day Service a little over two months ago in memory of staff members who had passed away as a result of the epidemic or while serving their country in the line of duty. It is with a profound feeling of loss that we are here so quickly to not only grieve the passing of the two cops, but also to recognize the impact that they had on our community,’ said Alderman JP Smith, a member of the community’s Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security.

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